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Do you know the history of PDF? It is called portable document format. It is file format that is used to express document and is independent of application software, hardware and operating system. A flat document is encapsulated in the description of each PDF file. There are different versions available in the market. The history of PDF from PDF to PDF/UA is as. In 1993 there was adobe systems publishes PDF 1.0. In 1999 the W3C released Web content accessibility guidelines. This version supported for page size up to 5080 * 5080 mm. up rom 1143 * 1143 mm. In 2001 PDF 1.4 integrates tags to represent the logical structure of content within PDF documents. In 2002 equal treatment disabled persons act, Germany and in 2004 PDF/UA project begin coordinated by /AIIM. During the year 2008 PDF published as an ISO standard. It include improved support for commenting and security. It also support 3D and it was improved. It also include default printing settings. In these days you can convert the PDF files to jpg format. Both of the format have their own benefits. There are many software available that can be used to change the format of the file according to your own choice. Now you can save your data in a small space and in best format.


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